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UK – a brave new world in a European context

Abbie Burford, Commercial Account Manager, looks at how various European countries meet EU packaging waste requirements and uses her knowledge to predict the shifts businesses may see (in terms of UK environmental compliance reporting and obligations), as a result of forthcoming Extended Producer Responsibility legislation and the Plastic Packaging Tax.

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Key amendments to Cypriot waste legislation

So far 2021 has seen many EU Member States making changes to waste regulations. Valpak’s International Account Manager, Ellena Boote, looks at the key amendments in the Cypriot legislation.

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Plastic Bottles
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How Spain is implementing the Plastic Tax

On 1 January 2021, the European Union introduced a levy on non-recyclable plastic packaging waste, which requires individual countries to help combat the issue of packaging waste. Valpak International Account Manager, Lauren Shrimpton, looks at how Spain has implemented the Plastic Tax.

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Bulky Waste
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Can EPR help do some heavy lifting with bulky waste?

The Government has listed bulky waste in the Resources and Waste Strategy as a potential target area. Ben Richardson discusses the challenges associated with this waste stream, potential focus areas and how Extended Producer Responsibility can tackle the issues.

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Plastic Calculator
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Italy’s Plastic Tax

After delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Italian plastic tax is now expected to be implemented in January 2022. Emma Trevor, Valpak’s International Account Manager, explores the requirements of this tax.

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Harmonised labelling and the return of the TRIMAN in France

In line with Article 17 of the Anti-Waste Law and the most recent publication of Decree no. 2021-835 on the 29 June relating to consumer sorting information on products subject to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Valpak’s International Compliance Manager, Laura Rimmer takes you through the latest updates on labelling from France.

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