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Is your business obligated for International Compliance?

Environmental legislation differs in each country, which means no one size fits all method of compliance exists. For example you could be affected if you:

  • have a UK head office and you export products
  • have a physical presence in another country
  • distance sell via Internet retail or mail order
  • plan to expand operations beyond the UK
  • mark the Green Dot on your packaging
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We will remove the administrative and resource intensive burden of complying overseas, and have a range of services that can be tailored to suit your business’s needs. These include:

  • an assessment to find out which countries your business has obligations in
  • multi-national registration service
  • multi-national data submission service
  • multi-national fully outsourced data management, utilising our bespoke data management system
  • Data Consultancy service

With all services we provide a dedicated account manager, who will be your single point of contact to look after your business’s requirements in all countries and provide peace of mind that compliance is covered.

Watch our video to find out more.

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Does your website offer international shipping? Does your business export? Are you complying with the legal environmental regulations in each market?

It is essential to establish where your business has obligations. These can vary from country to country depending on your international commercial activity. Research must be undertaken on a case by case basis.

If you find that your business needs to comply with environmental legislation / Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regimes overseas then you will need to:

  • register with the relevant schemes/ authorities
  • submit data within the required time frames
  • make a financial contribution to the recovery and or recycling of materials in certain countries
  • meet other obligations, such as informing customers of their responsibility not to discard recyclable products with general waste
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Access our interactive International Compliance Map to see where your business may have obligations.

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For the past 4 years Valpak has been our first port of call for expert advice on waste compliance. The Valpak International Compliance team have provided invaluable support, allowing us to grow our business globally whilst being confident that our overseas compliance requirements are being met. We've really appreciated Valpak's knowledge and commercial understanding and would recommend their services.


Valpak has a dedicated team who identify, quantify and satisfy our obligations on a country specific basis. After we launched our operations overseas, it seemed we were throwing them a different challenge every week, which they met every time.

Marks and Spencer

Valpak's knowledge of International Compliance regulations, levels of attention to detail and excellent account management have assisted us greatly when complying overseas; allowing us to focus on expanding our retail operation.


Valpak has helped us understand and deal with the complexities of international compliance. Overall this service has saved us time and money.

Diet Chef

A wealth of knowledge presented in a relaxed but effective manner.

Triumph international Ltd

USA Packaging EPR Summary Report

If your business sells products in the USA, are you aware of its future packaging obligations in each state?

There are currently four US states that have passed Bills for extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging and this number promises to increase over the coming years, with several draft regulations already published.

To assist you in preparing for requirements in the USA, we have prepared an extensive summary report on Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging. This report covers all essential information and guidance and is available for purchase. To request a copy, please complete our online form.