Packaging Sustainability Benchmarking

Clearly see how your packaging compares so you can measure performance and make positive changes to reduce your impact upon the environment

Our Packaging Analysis services utilise our vast database of product packaging, allowing businesses to see how their packaging compares to that of similar product packaging and benchmark performance. Valpak can compare product or overall category packaging data against the industry average and industry best in class, so businesses can compare progress.

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Packaging analysis

Our database is comprised of data for over 44 million SKUs, with data constantly being collected and updated by our expert team who weigh packaging and analyse data provided by suppliers. This allows businesses to compare their performance against multiple metrics such as the weight, materials, and formats of packaging used by the rest of their industry, as well as metrics such as recyclability of packaging and recycled content.

These unique insights can support businesses in terms of highlighting where they are performing above average or showing areas where they can focus to make tangible changes. For example, we have helped companies identify material savings through light weighing packaging, or identifying packaging you could use that is more recyclable. Read more here about how we have supported Specsavers and Nandos Grocery International Ltd. to mitigate the impacts of EPR and find opportunities to improve packaging performance.

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Mitigate future costs under Extended Producer Responsibility and Plastic Packaging Tax

With Extended Producer Responsibility on the horizon and the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax legislation, businesses are reviewing their current use of packaging to forecast future costs which take into account the introduction of additional, higher costs and modulated fees.


Our Packaging Analysis service can enable you to find areas where you can mitigate costs and identify opportunities for improvement, to reduce your liability in the future.

The Benchmarking process


Improve the quality of your data so accurate Benchmarking can take place. We’ll work with you to identify areas that need improvement and support you with additional data collection.


Focus Benchmarking on a variety of factors to determine how you perform against best in class and industry average:

If you have other bespoke metrics that are important to your business, we can help to benchmark against these criteria.


Once you have determined where you could make changes, use our consultants and expert partners to support you with:

  • Data modelling, to model changes to your packaging data and analyse possible outcomes.
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Implementing change in your packaging choices, through our packaging technologist partners

Why choose Valpak?

  • The first Benchmarking service of its kind, utilising our vast database of over 44 million SKUs to draw comparisons
  • Benchmark your packaging to drive change for the better
  • Reduce costs and shout about the improvements you’ve made
  • Promote where you are ‘best in class’ for a category
  • Assurance that you are Benchmarking against an extensive and robust dataset
  • Make data capture work harder for you, by using the additional data needed for Extended Producer Responsibility for this purpose

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