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Supporting businesses with making packaging changes in line with Extended Producer Responsibility

With the introduction of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging, producers’ compliance costs will most likely vary based on the recyclability of the packaging they are placing onto the market.

Recyclable Packaging

In 2025, the introduction of packaging fee modulation will mean that packaging items placed on the market in 2024 that are more difficult to recycle will incur higher EPR fees than packaging that can be easily recycled. Therefore, producers that have considered the sustainability of their packaging and made positive changes will financially benefit.

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To support businesses with making packaging changes in line with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), we have developed a new service – What If Modelling, which is part of our range of Packaging Analysis services.

The process enables businesses to create before and after comparisons of their data sets, by applying a set of hypothetical modifications to their packaging data and then comparing the new EPR liability cost and tonnage breakdowns with existing ones.

Whether it is to explore fresh ideas or to prepare for changes that are already in the pipeline, our service allows businesses to visualise the impact certain changes would have on their packaging obligation and total liability cost, driving positive change through packaging innovation and waste reduction.

The results of hypothetical packaging modifications are presented in an interactive Excel dashboard that displays before and after total liability cost and tonnage breakdowns side by side.


The What If Modelling tool

Developed by our data experts, the dashboard offers a range of functionalities that enable the user to view their results in different ways. They can:

  • Create multiple different sets of changes to discover the most effective strategy for reducing tonnage and costs
  • Pin-point specific products or perform large-scale changes at component level to see how light weighting and material changes can mitigate costs and tonnage
  • Filter data based on packaging level, base material, recyclability, product category, branding, and import status
  • Compare existing data against hypothetical changes to measure the impact of proposed packaging changes
  • Transition between tonnage and total EPR costs

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