Data Insights

Giving you access and visibility to data to make informed decisions


Stakeholders are increasingly asking businesses to demonstrate transparency and report on performance regarding a range of environmental and ethical issues.

This now extends beyond core activities, meaning businesses are being held accountable for the actions of others within their supply chain.

To report on performance with confidence, evidence and accurate data is needed from suppliers. For many, gaining a clearer picture of compliance can be extremely challenging due to the complexity of supply chains. However, it is an essential element of responsible sourcing and legal compliance.

Data Management

For over 20 years, Valpak has been collecting detailed product and packaging data to help customers comply with environmental legislation.

The Insight Platform provides a clear view of product and supplier data, enabling businesses to report on and manage performance and compliance, make informed product and supplier decisions and demonstrate due diligence.

Insight Platform

What is the Insight Platform?

The Insight Platform is used by many large retailers and brand holders to analyse packaging data and identify opportunities for improvement.

It is a live platform that enables customers to quickly and intuitively analyse vast volumes of data across their supply chains, providing them with greater business intelligence.

Valpak’s Insight Platform is the first to allow retailers to analyse their own data, make design changes, meet targets and fulfil wider Corporate Social Responsibility goals. It offers a unique opportunity to change future packaging design and has been used in a wide range of applications.

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Tesco highly recommend this tool for anyone looking to get significantly increased value from their packaging data and are delighted to have supported Valpak.