Bower recycling app and Valpak collaboration

Our collaboration with Bower makes it easy for consumers to recycle your packaging, supporting a circular economy! Valpak members can integrate their top 50 products with the app for FREE!

Consumer pressure for businesses to offer sustainable products and services is mounting, as more people seek to purchase from producers and brands that demonstrate a solid commitment to the environment.

Our unique collaboration with Bower provides our customers with the opportunity to reach their sustainability goals, strengthen their brand, and gain invaluable insights about their consumers’ recycling and purchase habits, as Valpak members can integrate their top 50 products with the app for FREE!


The Bower recycling app

Bower is a recycling app for smartphones that rewards users with cash, money-off coupons, or donations to charity. Every piece of packaging recycled counts and this step towards circularity connects consumers and producers, encouraging sustainability with a joint ambition to change the world.

Bower reports that 48% of users recycle more packaging thanks to its app. To find out how consumers can use the app and how it supports their recycling efforts, visit our recycle-more website.

Bower app screenshots

There are many benefits to being a Bower partner, some of which are as follows:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to the environment – sharing your data to make it easy for consumers to recycle your packaging and can help you to meet CSR targets
  • Shows your support of a circular economy – helping to get your materials into the closed loop
  • Supports the Plastic Packaging Tax – making more recycled plastic available helps producers to meet legislation requirements
  • Assists the market-led PRN system – helps to get more material into the system which can reduce recycling evidence prices for producers obligated to comply with the UK Packaging Waste Regulations
  • Enhances your business’s reputation – participating brands are incentivising consumers to recycle their products and packaging
  • Future-proofs your business against upcoming legislation such as deposit return schemes

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Bower app screenshot

This collaboration means we can offer Valpak members FREE integration of your top 50 products with the Bower recycling app. You will also enjoy the following special Valpak member benefits:

  • Product recycling instructions (Sustainability)
    Help your consumers understand how to separate, wash or handle your packaging
  • Packshot (Marketing)
    Let your brand be seen at any scan by adding your packshot
  • Coupons (Sales)
    Drive sales by adding your coupons

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Bower app_Material Scanning

You can also go all the way and become a connected partner of Bower to enjoy the following extended member benefits:


  • Connect all your products to Bower’s consumer reward scheme
  • Inform, educate and reward recycling (all packaging incentivised)
  • Impact campaigns activating consumers to recycle
  • Access to recycling insight data on recyclability, CO2 savings, and consumer impact data

Brand visibility and sales

  • Deploy in-app campaigns to engage green consumers
  • Access to co-branding assets and marketing services
  • Always top of mind with custom messaging every time a package is recycled
  • Push offers at point of recycling, when the intent to re-purchase is maximal

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