Free Battery Box

Would you like to start collecting waste batteries at your offices? We provide free battery collection boxes

Valpak’s battery collection service is completely free to all businesses and organisations within the UK.

Valpak Battery Box

Our Battery Collection service is free of charge to all businesses and organisations within the UK.

Once you have completed our online form, we will organise for battery boxes to be delivered to your business sites, so your staff can deposit household portable batteries (such as AAs and AAAs) for recycling while at work.

Once your battery box is full, all you need to do is let us know by calling 03450 682 572 and we will arrange for the box to be emptied. Our nominated service provider will collect the waste batteries and either return the box or replace it if it is damaged. This is also free.


Companies  based in the UK can request one of our free battery recycling boxes, which have been designed to store alkaline (AA, AAA, etc) batteries.

Please complete our request form, which is available on our consumer facing recycling website –

Please note that lithium primary batteries and button cells should only be collected as part of this mix in the battery recycling boxes. We would also advise their terminals are taped to prevent shorting.


If you collect batteries on your premises, please ensure you are completing your own Risk Assessments. Valpak has put together some additional guidance to assist:

Guide to collection and storage of batteries

Battery collections and child health and safety considerations

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