Data Management – Outsource Your Compliance Data Submissions

Outsource your packaging, WEEE or batteries data submission to us

Valpak Data Management exists to make access to high quality data for reporting easier and more efficient for our customers.

We pair robust data with innovative tools so meaningful changes can be made with confidence.

Data Management

How Valpak can help

We have assisted hundreds of organisations with their data submissions, and are experts in managing large volumes of data – from multiple product lines, to high product variation or complex supply chains across diverse business sectors.

Our data support service is underpinned by our dynamic custom built software and weights database, the largest in the UK, holding over 50 million SKUs with unique packaging metrics. This database, alongside our technical expertise, allows us to operate more effectively and with greater accuracy. On average our customers report efficiency and cost savings of at least 30%.

The Data Management services we deliver also provide businesses with an improved understanding of the packaging they handle, allowing them to reduce packaging weight or improve packaging design, as well as supporting broader CSR objectives.

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Valpak has helped GPA navigate a complex process with expert proficiency.

GPA Global

We have worked with Valpak for our first year and have found its service knowledgeable, efficient and supportive. We trust our Account Manager to inform and advise accordingly and keep us updated with changes in legislation. It has taken the headache out of Waste Regulations; I don’t think we would have been able to carry out our submission without their industry and regulatory knowledge and support. I would highly recommend working with Valpak.

Pour Moi

Valpak has been great to work with! They have really helped to educate us on the packaging waste compliance scheme and aims, and the retrospective Civil Sanctions process. They have offered friendly and professional support during the submission process (which can seem very daunting), with no question too small. We would highly recommend Valpak to other businesses.

Craft Gin Club

The partnership between Arla and Valpak has never been stronger. We have been registered with Valpak's Compliance Scheme for 20 years and over the last few years, Valpak has been instrumental in transforming our compliance with the various Packaging Waste Regulations. The support, tools and service from the team of experts at Valpak has been first class and a breath of fresh air both in terms of reporting, submissions and PRN purchasing. We look forward to many more years of building the partner


The Valpak team has been extremely helpful with collating our waste information and getting the company to where we want it to be. We will continue to do our best with Valpak's support. They have offered advise when needed and, although some things may be difficult to understand, the team are very patient when explaining the PRN system, laws and legislation changes. We will continue to work with Valpak closely for coming years, as we strive to create a healthier, greener and more empowered world

Tropic Skincare