Our Data Insights Team helped Tesco save time and money on their Packaging Data Submission

Tesco has over 200,000 individual product lines. Analysing this data and gathering packaging weights in order to comply with the UK Packaging Waste Regulations is a huge administrative task. The Packaging Waste Regulations are an important responsibility for Tesco so being fully compliant with these regulations are a must.

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Tesco commissioned Valpak’s Data Management Team to help them reduce the administrative burden of their packaging data submission and ensure their compliance.

Valpak was responsible for calculating their data submission and ensuring that it was “as accurate as reasonably possible” as required by the Regulations.

This included:

  • identifying the raw data required in order to produce the data submission
  • contacting suppliers to obtain packaging weights
  • carrying out weighing exercises
  • extensive data collection and analysis
  • reporting the data submission to the relevant environment agency by the required regulatory deadline
Data Management

By outsourcing the packaging data submission to Valpak, Tesco gained peace of mind that the business was fully compliant with the UK Packaging Waste Regulations.

Tesco also realised a number of other benefits, including:

  • the identification of raw data required in order to produce the data submission
  • cost savings in terms of staff time and resource
  • additional, bespoke reporting to help establish areas of investigation for Tesco to focus its own resources on worthwhile sustainability projects
  • a full audit trail of how their data submission was produced, so they were prepared for an Environment Agency audit

Valpak are accurate, professional and clear experts in their field. The overall quality of the service we receive is excellent and very competitively priced. Valpak’s experience provides Tesco with peace of mind that we are completely compliant with these very important legal requirements. Not only that, but Valpak’s detailed work is capable of assisting Tesco to analyse our packaging obligations and identify areas where products are over packaged so that Tesco can help save the environment.