Textiles Compliance

Is your business ready for textiles Extended Producer Responsibility Regulations?

The European Parliament is moving towards a sustainable textile industry by supporting Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation for textiles.

Once approved, this legislation will require Extended Producer Responsibility for textiles schemes to be set up in each EU country within 18 months. Many countries may choose to implement systems sooner.

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Will your business have obligations under Textile EPR Regulations?

It is expected, but not yet confirmed, that your business will have a textile waste obligation if:

  • It is a textile producer, importer, or distributor that distance sells
  • Its annual turnover exceeds €2 million, AND
  • It has 10 or more employees

We offer a range of services, which form part of Reconomy’s wider ReDress offering, that can be tailored to your needs. These include:

  • Horizon Scanning: We will use our international expertise to keep you informed of upcoming legislation and assess the impact on your business
  • Data Management: We will engage with your suppliers to collect textile weight and material blend data, then present insights to you through our online platform backed by a team of 100 analysts
  • International Compliance: We will remove the administrative and resource-intensive burden of complying in every relevant country, offering a range of services that can be tailored to suit your business’s needs.

See the ReDress tab for additional services.

ReDress is here to assist your business in getting ready for the world of textiles EPR.

Reconomy is an expert at managing millions of product returns for top fashion and homeware brands each year and has even achieved a remarkable 20% decrease in carbon intensity for its customers since 2020.

Our specialist skills and services will simplify the complexities of textiles EPR, giving you the best and easiest way to stay ahead of the game. Via ReDress, Reconomy provides additional support in the following areas:

  • Horizon scanning
  • Data management
  • Environmental compliance
  • Omni-channel take-back
  • Repair

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