Packaging Technology Consultancy

Helping businesses to make positive, cost-effective change to packaging to improve environmental performance

The threat of climate change is generating an increased consumer desire to purchase products that have minimal effect on the environment and is driving the implementation of extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation across the globe.

If businesses don’t act now to evaluate the packaging and products they are placing on markets, they could be left behind in terms of environmental performance, which could damage their reputation and increase their environmental compliance costs.

It is hoped that packaging legislation reforms will provide businesses with an opportunity to gain in-depth insights from their data, which they can use to make positive changes to packaging.

Packaging Analysis

Packaging Technology Consultancy service

We provide a Packaging Technology Consultancy service, which is underpinned by packaging experts and robust data, and forms part of our wider Packaging Analysis service.

Our expert consultants will:

  • Process map the journey of your products – cradle-to-grave approach
  • Document current packaging specifications (board grades, microns, polymer types, etc.)
  • Re-engineer packaging to mitigate packaging, operational, and EPR costs
  • Identify quick wins – opportunities to reduce, reuse, standardise
  • Help you to plan for the future (responsible sourcing, EPR, and ESG reporting, etc)
Recyclable Packaging

Why choose Valpak?

  • Expert advice – a team of well-versed experts with a broad variety of skills and experience
  • Industry knowledge – 33 years of experience in packaging design and manufacturing
  • Connected to organisations that may be implementing similar strategies
  • Lighten the load – remove the recruitment and staff training burden
  • Fresh ideas – new approaches may see legacy ways of working diminish
  • Interactive systems and 25 years of data-gathering expertise


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If you wish to discuss your packaging optimisation requirements, please contact us today. We have been dealing with packaging data for over 25 years, which means we're best placed to advise on how to make positive, cost-effective changes to your packaging.