Useful Links

We have generated a list of links to useful organisations and further information on a range of subjects

Valpak Partners

Circular and Co

Circular and Co take on unwanted waste and turns it into revolutionary, long-lasting products. Their award-winning Circular Cup (formerly rCUP) – is the world’s first reusable coffee cup made from recycled coffee cups:

Packaging Organisations

Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation

A site which encourages everyone to recycle aluminium cans. The site details schemes to involve children, as well as businesses in recycling:

British Glass

What can you use recycled glass for? The answers can all be found here. Clean, straightforward site:

British Plastics Federation

Many suggestions for the use of recycled plastic can be found on this site, as well as detailed information about the British Plastics Federation:

Europen – The European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment

An industry and trade organisation open to any company with an economic interest in packaging. It explains all the questions you want to ask. No query is too simple, no question too detailed. Europen are trying to find a compromise between economics and legislative requirements. Interesting and informative site:

The Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment

A non-profit organisation which researches the environmental and social effects of packaging. They provide current news concerning the packaging world, as well as an education section for schools. This is an impressive site with lots to find out and explore:

Carbon Organisations

BSI Group

PAS 2050 (free of charge):

PAS 2060 (available to purchase):


Guidance on how to measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions:


ISO 14040/44/64 (available to purchase):


Greenhouse Gas Protocol (A Corporate Accounting & Reporting Standard):

Product & Supply Chain (Scope 3) Standards (in development) Environment Agencies

The Environment Agency

Contains in depth information and features such as ‘what is in your backyard’, and ‘the state of the environment in your air-space’. The site has a large section on waste management information and is colourful and very interactive. A very useful site which is both light and entertaining, as well as informative and easy to use:

Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA)

The Environment and Heritage Service (EHS) polices the Packaging Waste Regulations in Northern Ireland. Its equivalent body in England and Wales is the Environment Agency and in Scotland it is the Scottish Environment Protection Agency:

Scottish Environment Protection Agency

A colourful home page, but it is harder to find information on waste, so we recommend using the search button. The information centres strongly on Scottish issues. On the subject of waste, it gives incentives for companies to become involved in projects. Good coverage of government papers and regulations. Well set out and interesting site:

Government Environmental Departments & Programmes

Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland

A simple site from the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland with a link to the Environment and Heritage Service:

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Consultation papers can be found under the ‘waste and recycling’ section:

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

A very text-orientated site. Up-to-date with all regulations, speeches and press notices concerning trade and industry. This site is less useful for browsing, but excellent as a library for the latest legal and media views:

Environment Campaigns (previously ‘Going for Green’)

Environment Campaigns runs some of the biggest national environmental awareness campaigns aimed at the British public, including the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign. It is funded by both the Department of the Environment and the private sector. The website is informative and useful and includes a discussion forum:


A government programme dedicated to helping companies become more competitive and more profitable by reducing waste at the source. They can help your business with waste minimisation through various methods and try to save your company money. A simple and straightforward site that gets to the point:

Her Majesty’s Stationery Office

A plain text site which is straight to the point. A good source for copies of the packaging regulations and consultation papers:

National Statistics Office

A well laid out site giving good instructions on how to find statistics on a wide-ranging list of topics:

Business Links

Envirolink UK

Envirolink UK is a service operated by Business Link to help the delivery of environmental information and support small and medium-sized businesses at a local level:

Recycling & Reuse Organisations

A national grassroots organisation of people throughout the United Kingdom who are giving and receiving free unwanted items in their immediate communities. Local charities, non-profit groups and communities are encouraged to join:


MetalMatters is a proven communications programme that can help you educate householders about metal packaging recycling:


Pledge 2 Recycle Plastics is a government backed national initiative which aims to boost recycling of plastic packaging in the UK:


The Recycling of Post-Consumer Plastic Containers. This is a registered charity and environmental body. The site is made fun by the use of a ‘plastic bottle man’:

Has special sections dedicated to recycling for businesses, householders and an extensive schools section containing classroom activities and games. Developed by Valpak in response to the Consumer Information Obligations under the Packaging Waste Regulations:

Waste Watch

This is a national organisation that deals with waste reduction, reuse and recycling. As well as educating and informing the public, schools and businesses, Waste Watch advises and liaises with the government. A good site for networking and discovering other like-minded businesses: