Product Life Cycle Assessment

We carry out streamlined and comprehensive life cycle assessment studies, which can be tailored to suit business objectives

With consumers and stakeholders placing an increased focus on sustainability and the environment, many organisations are looking at ways they can minimise their impact on the environment.


Demonstrate a deeper commitment to the environment. Carrying out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) can help an organisation to demonstrate a deeper commitment to improving its environmental performance.

Coral Reef

Life Cycle Assessment is the measurement of the environmental impact of a product, service or process over its entire life cycle. It looks at a wide range of environmental issues including resource use, land use, water use, carbon footprint and toxicity.

Life Cycle Assessment provides an organisation with a comprehensive understanding of its environmental impact and allows the organisation to make informed decisions about how it can improve its environmental performance i.e. LCA ensures that a company doesn’t make an improvement in one area at the expense of another.


There are lots of benefits an organisation can gain from carrying out Life Cycle Assessments. Some of the benefits include:

  • insight into decisions from an environmental perspective
  • addressing investors’ requirements
  • improved environmental cost allocation
  • allows businesses to target supply chain improvements
  • help to shape corporate sustainability strategy
  • assess/justify impact of material choices and operational processes
  • assess product/service/process against those of competitors
  • supports communications about environmental friendliness of products/services/processes
  • improved environmental performance and reputation
  • strengthened customer loyalty
  • potential cost savings

How Valpak can help

Life Cycle Assessments can deliver lots of benefits but they are also technically challenging and time consuming. We have a team of qualified LCA practitioners that have been trained to the highest standard which means we can ease that burden allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

LCA is an internationally standardised methodology – ISO 14044 (and equivalent PAS 2050) and our practitioners follow the principles of this methodology. Our LCA tools and modelling utilise the latest available environmental impact metrics to carry out assessments.

We can carry out streamlined and comprehensive LCA studies for you, all of which can be tailored to suit your specific needs/objectives.

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Glen Dimplex approached Valpak Consulting in order to undertake a study into alternative packaging types for our range cooker to allow us to make an informed choice in relation to potential packaging changes that we are considering. Valpak’s team was responsive and easy to deal with, and the output from their Life Cycle Assessment on three alternative packaging options has been really helpful in allowing us to identify the right packaging option to pursue from an Environmental perspective.

Glen Dimplex Consumer Appliances

Valpak provided a high level LCA to compare the environmental impacts of the new and the old packaging for Football Manager 2020 on PC for SEGA. They were a very professional and personable company to deal with, on hand to support the brief and wider project. The report has since been shared with other various industry bodies and had really positive feedback.

SEGA Europe

The work conducted by Valpak has been critical to our understanding and management of the production and recovery of silage wrap, with regard to the environment.

British Polythene Industries