Circular Take-Back

Collecting, handling and driving solutions to put your materials into the recycling loop!

All businesses are now under pressure from stakeholders to demonstrate eco-friendly credentials; however, certain products and materials are time-consuming, costly, and complex to recycle. We support businesses to overcome these challenges, safely recycle items and handle waste with our unique take-back services.


To close recycling loops, we develop, execute, and oversee bespoke solutions using our ‘4PL’ approach which combines operations and IT. This method helps businesses across various industries comply and solve any complex environmental issues.


Valpak can help

We can handle your business’s waste and find inventive solutions to solve complex recycling challenges. Our solution can include:

  • Collections – handling all aspects of collection from pick-ups to order entry, routing, dispatching, and weighing
  • Logistics management – sourcing and overseeing logistics partners and conducting quality, legal, or insurance audits as required
  • Reporting – providing transparent and comprehensive documentation for volumes, billing, and payments
  • Downstream management – facilitating exportation and offering support for tolling or specialised requirements

Our take-back solutions are bespoke, which means this list is not exhaustive. Other services include additional customer consulting, supplier audits, provision of specialist containers, or organising rentals.

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