Packaging Data Request Management

Outsource your customers' packaging data requests to us...

With the imminent implementation of  Extender Producer Responsibility for packaging and increased consumer awareness regarding the sustainability of packaging, many companies are working harder to ensure they have detailed and accurate packaging data.


To obtain this data, businesses often need to ask their suppliers (that are also possibly obligated under the Packaging Waste Regulations) to provide it.

Supplying companies have access to packaging details such as weight, material type, and recycled content, and the process of supplying this information can be extremely time-consuming and burdensome.


Valpak can help

We have developed an outsourcing service, for both Valpak members and non-members, to alleviate the burden of data supply.

We will add your company’s product and packaging data to our vast product and packaging database, which holds over 50 million SKUs and over 10 million packaging weights, to provide detailed packaging data (including weights, material types, recyclability, and more) directly to your customers once they request it.

If required, we can source this packaging data for you, either by directly recording your packaging information, or moving further up the supply chain to try to collect the information from your suppliers.

Our process

If you would like to find out more about our Data Request Management service, please complete the enquiry form below, so we can assess your company’s needs and establish the best way we can assist you in providing packaging data to your customers: