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Our Product Data Hub allows suppliers to log key information to help you with compliance reporting.

The Product Data Hub is an online system designed to help packaging producers to comply with existing regulations and to prepare for upcoming legislation, such as Extended Producer Responsibility.


The Product Data Hub is pre-populated with packaging weights from our product and packaging database, which holds over 44 million SKUs, and incorporates checks similar to those used in online banking to increase accuracy.

It has been designed to remove errors, simplify the recording process and logs key information from suppliers, which is then used for compliance reporting.

Because the Product Data Hub is a live system, suppliers can access it whenever they need to input new data or update packaging changes. Front-end validation captures any errors immediately, as data is being inputted, leading to a much higher rate of data automatically going through to the database.

Global View
  • The hub is pre-populated with previously provided weights, reducing the need for weights to be re-provided each year
  • Suppliers need only to update information if changes take place
  • Copy feature that allows suppliers to paste packaging information across multiple products
  • Retailers can track suppliers’ submissions and monitor progress
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As we prepare for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), reporting and data will become even more important.

Our Product Data Hub includes an EPR section to capture information such as recycled content and recyclability.

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