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Sustainable Electronics
France’s WEEE Sustainability Index

In a significant step towards sustainable consumerism, France's Decree No. 2024-316 introduces the sustainability index for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), set to gradually replace the repairability index. Ellie Bisseker, Valpak International Account Manager, outlines what these changes mean for obligated producers/importers...

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Landfill site
Waste Management, Zero Waste to Landfill
Achieving Zero Waste to Landfill anywhere in the world

We are at the forefront of assisting businesses globally to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill Certification. With tailored audits, we accommodate the unique waste management needs of diverse industries and regions. For those interested in learning more about this service, Bronwynn Harris's latest blog offers valuable insights into the process and the benefits of achieving Zero Waste to Landfill Certification.

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Takeaway containers
Blog, International
Germany’s Single-Use Plastics Legislation

Liberty Lemm summarises how the introduction of Germany's Single-Use Plastics Fund Act holds manufacturers accountable for the lifecycle of their products with an aim to incentivise sustainable practices. She outlines the reporting compliance requirements, penalties for non-compliance and the next steps affected producers need to take to ensure they meet their legal obligations.

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Textil factory
Blog, International
EU Waste Framework Directive – Textile EPR

Ella Fairlie's blog discusses the EU Waste Framework Directive's new amendment to improve textile waste management, including Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to make producers accountable for waste costs, and to encourage sustainable practices. She outlines the 2023 changes to enforce stricter recycling and design requirements and limit waste exports.

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Plastic polymer pellets
Blog, International
Everything producers should know about the Italian Plastic Tax

Our latest blog breaks down everything producers need to know about Italy’s Plastic Tax. From what is in scope and key exemptions to rates and penalties for non-compliance, Aleeza Rai summarises what the tax means for those affected, helping businesses with a global presence keep abreast of their obligations to ensure compliance and sustainability.

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Eco friendly
Waste Management
The importance of eco-modulation for EPR

Efforts on the part of Defra to provide industry with further clarity on eco-modulation for packaging EPR fees, or ‘modulated fees’ have been gathering pace. But what are modulated fees, when are they being introduced, and importantly, what role do they play within the EPR packaging reforms? Henry Smith explains all in his latest blog...

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Canada EPR
Blog, International
Canada’s changing EPR landscape

As Canadian EPR legislation undergoes comprehensive changes, Valpak’s Niall Bennett and RLG Canada’s Jade Bassler join forces to discuss what companies need to know to remain compliant and future-proof their business.

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Blog, ESOS
Reap the benefits of energy efficiency and reduce energy costs – ESOS Phase 3

The Government has announced an extension to the third phase of the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS), and imminent adjustments to the reporting requirements. Ian Guest, Valpak Environmental Consultant, highlights the upcoming changes for large organisations that fall under the obligations of ESOS and introduces Valpak's new ESOS Rebate Service, a partnership with EnergyBubble that aims to lower energy tariffs for obligated businesses whilst offering free compliance with ESOS.

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