Carbon Management

Our carbon management services are tailored specifically to your requirements and where you are at on your sustainability journey

Carbon measurement, reporting and reduction is fast becoming a key strategic priority for many organisations. Carbon reporting is mandatory in the UK for certain businesses and there are several net zero strategy policy drivers in place.

There is also pressure on businesses and organisations to improve environmental sustainability from corporate social responsibility (CSR), supply chains and consumers; therefore, many are now acting voluntarily, and others have sustainability ambitions that go beyond minimum legal requirements.


Taking action on carbon management in your business or organisation focusses on the measurementmanagement and mitigation of the six greenhouse gases (GHGs) covered by the Kyoto Protocol.

Typical activities involved in carbon management for your business include:

  • collating data on activities (upstream and downstream) that cause carbon emissions within your organisation and its supply chain
  • establishing the overall carbon footprint of your business and/or the carbon footprint(s) of your main products and processes
  • benchmarking your product’s carbon footprint against your competitors or against more sustainable options you could move to
  • data inventory analysis to identify the maximum carbon reduction opportunities
  • setting science based targets and developing detailed plans to drive reductions in carbon emissions in your business to net zero
  • raising employee and stakeholder awareness of your commitment to net zero carbon
  • tracking progress against targets and making continuous improvements
  • putting you in touch with providers that can source carbon offsets – to cover emissions that are unavoidable
Net Zero
  • On-going cost savings
  • Improved environmental sustainability of your business and/or its products and processes
  • Enhanced reputation and positive PR opportunities from leading the drive sustainability
  • Compliance with existing legislation
  • Certification to carbon standards such as PAS 2060, ISO 14064
  • Futureproofing your business against further legislation
Carbon Footprints

How Valpak can help

Effective carbon management requires an in depth understanding of carbon accounting standards, large quantities of data and modelling of complex supply chains and life cycles. We have a team of qualified carbon experts that have worked on numerous projects across many sectors to give you all the expert help and advice needed to take action.

Our services are tailored specifically to your requirements and where you are at on your sustainability journey, including:

  • organisational and product carbon footprint
  • organisational / product life cycle assessments (LCAs)
  • carbon footprint audits
  • achieving net zero carbon status to align with SBTi or other initiatives
  • guidance on carbon reduction strategies and plans
  • support with Climate Change Agreements
  • support with Mandatory GHG reporting
  • certification to carbon standards such as ISO 14064, PAS2050, PAS2060 and WRI/WBCSD GHG protocols
  • training courses and staff awareness programmes

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Having completed a Carbon Footprint for Benders Paper Cup products, I was looking to get a comprehensive peer review carried out. The review was detailed, insightful and challenging, backing up the analysis with good references.

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