We pair robust data with innovative tools and expertise to create accurate forecasts so you can make positive, measurable changes to your products, packaging and processes with confidence.


We simplify your complex data

Our data experts work with you, and for you, to build an accurate data set to ensure you’re compliant. We liaise with your suppliers, carry out bespoke weighing services and use our market leading product and packaging weights database, to fill in the gaps. The end result is a detailed, comprehensive data set of your business’s obligations so you can rest in the knowledge that it’s covered.

Once the data set is complete, our Insight Platform which can be tailored to your business, allows you to review and report on your obligations at any time.


Make informed changes

Valpak’s huge database allows us to reach places others can only dream of. Thanks to this depth of data, our new Benchmarking service is the only system that allows you to compare your products with the best in their field, forecast costs under EPR, and advise on redesign.


Helping you achieve greener goals

If your business wants to make environmental commitments, such as WRAP’s Plastic Pact, but doesn’t know where to start, or how to report and measure objectives effectively, our team of experts can help.


Why choose Valpak?

  • Saving time and money by up to 30% by cutting out internal management time
  • Fully account managed data services from end to end
  • The largest packaging and product database in the UK, with over 50 million SKUs and over 10 million packaging weights
  • Gathering accurate data by holding weighing days and forensically questioning suppliers
  • A full review of existing data and collection methods
  • The Insight Platform helps you understand your complex data
  • Dedicated processing team to handle supplier engagement
  • Fully ISO 27001 certified (the highest data security standard)

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Entrusting the relevant data to Valpak has meant an increase in the accuracy of our calculations and I am confident that all aspects of compliance are being diligently managed to high standards.

Drake & Morgan