Packaging Take-Back

We can find and provide the best available treatment and storage options for your takeback waste

Is your business looking to implement a takeback scheme for certain packaging types?

Takeback schemes draw in more customers, having the potential to encourage environmentally focussed shoppers back into your stores. They also help to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Bubble Wrap

How Valpak can help

We are in an ideal position to find and vet recycling contractors.

We will use our extensive knowledge and our network of reprocessors – that currently supply us with over two million tonnes of packaging recycling evidence, to source the best available treatment and storage options for your business’s takeback waste.



Our main area of expertise, and one of particular concern to consumers, is plastic packaging waste, as some plastics aren’t currently collected for recycling via existing local authority kerbside collection services.

These typically include:

Air Bag Sweet Wrappers Pill Packaging

Shipping materials

Food wrappers

Medical packaging

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