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We provide an independent Zero Waste to Landfill Certification service

Organisations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate environmental credentials, whilst simultaneously trying to save money. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure none of your business’s waste goes to landfill. However, without this being independently certified to an industry standard, organisations can expose themselves to risk when making this claim.

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Benefits of Zero Waste to Landfill Certification

The benefits of being independently certified as Zero Waste to Landfill include:

  • certified to a recognised standard
  • better management of waste resources
  • ability to demonstrate commitment to the environment
  • improved Corporate Social Responsibility
  • cost savings
  • legal compliance
  • increased business opportunities from environmentally aware customers
  • marketing opportunities
  • use of Zero Waste to Landfill logo

Certification Process

We provide an independent Zero Waste to Landfill Certification service. When implementing a Zero Waste to Landfill strategy it is not enough for you to simply ask your waste contractor for your waste not to go to landfill. You need to have a full audit trail to demonstrate that your material is being treated correctly and to prove that  none of it ends up in landfill.

Valpak provides independent certification of an organisation’s Zero Waste to Landfill achievement by performing a site audit and a review of documentation.


How Valpak can help

Valpak’s expert Zero Waste to Landfill Team not only has extensive knowledge of waste and environmental auditing but by working alongside our Recycling Services and Rio Sustainability Platform Teams, who help organisations achieve Zero Waste to Landfill Certification, we ensure that we have an unrivalled knowledge of how wastes are managed. It also means that we have an excellent knowledge of waste contractors in the UK and their treatment processes.

We can do as much or as little as you want.

  • Zero Waste to Landfill Certification
  • Waste management contractor audits to ensure they meet Zero Waste to Landfill Certification requirements
  • Assistance achieving Zero Waste to Landfill Certification, from finding alternative treatments for your waste or setting up a system to track your progress

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With Valpak’s support and advice, we not only managed to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill certification for 2019, but also managed to reduce our carbon footprint and gain increased value from some of our waste materials. The business opportunities that have arisen from this recognition are a bonus.

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