MAG Orthotics

Supporting and verifying MAG Orthotics Zero Waste to Landfill achievement

Established in 1990, MAG Orthotics provides high-quality footwear repair and adaptation services, along with the supply of custom and simple insoles, to national and local hospitals. To adhere to its environmental policy and overall commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and sustainability, MAG Orthotics wanted to accurately monitor its waste management practices and implement measures to reduce the business’s environmental impact.


In 2020, MAG Orthotics sought confirmation for its efforts to improve waste management practices by looking to meet a recognised standard. The business hoped that independent, third-party verification, and achieving Zero Waste to Landfill certification, would help them to substantiate green claims regarding waste management, improve corporate social responsibility and demonstrate to stakeholders its dedication to the health of the environment.


MAG Orthotics approached Valpak’s Zero Waste to Landfill Team for help to achieve its zero waste to landfill goal and to obtain third-party verification/certification.

Valpak supported MAG Orthotics by providing:

  • Recommendations and advice, following a detailed site audit, on how to further improve their waste management practices
  • A comprehensive report on MAG Orthotics waste management practices and performance. This included waste figures which can be tracked over the years
  • Certification to a recognised standard since 2020
  • Marketing opportunities
  • The ability to demonstrate commitment to the environment and substantiate green claims regarding their waste management practices
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Taking Valpak’s recommendations and guidance onboard, MAG Orthotics now conducts the following activities to improve and monitor their environmental performance:

  1. Established KPIs to maintain their Zero Waste to Landfill certification
  2. Introduced induction training for new staff on waste management
  3. Applied clear labelling to their bins to communicate which waste stream belongs in each bin
  4. Scheduled monthly management emails to communicate compliance, health and safety, and environmental performance to key staff
  5. Created a log of all continuous improvement projects

They have also implemented the following practices to reduce their environmental impact:

  1. Reduced paper usage by printing double-sided
  2. Installed motion sensor lights at their Chesterfield site
  3. Are continuously researching better ways to dispose of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) waste
  4. Invested in 3D printing insoles to further reduce PP (Polypropylene) waste

Since becoming a Valpak Zero Waste to Landfill customer, MAG Orthotics has increased its overall recycling performance by 17.66%!

By demonstrating their dedication to environmentally sound processes, Zero Waste to Landfill certification provides them with a competitive edge and strengthens their reputation during tenders, which are a regular part of their operations.

Zero Waste to Landfill certification has become an integral part of MAG Orthotics’ environmental strategy. They can now proudly communicate their achievement to stakeholders by displaying Valpak’s Zero Waste to Landfill certification logo on their website and marketing materials.

Our comprehension of our environmental duties has been greatly enhanced by Valpak’s Zero Waste to Landfill certification. We have learned a great deal about the effects of our waste management methods on the environment by implementing Valpak’s recommendations. Certification has bolstered our broader commitment to environmental control by raising awareness of the significance of reducing, reusing, and recycling throughout our operations.

MAG Orthotics