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Helping JD Sports Fashion’s distribution centre achieve Zero Waste to Landfill certification

JD Sports Fashion Group has ensured maximum diversion of waste from landfill for many years by way of waste segregation and recycling.

In February 2020, the Group decided to seek certification to recognise their largest directly controlled Distribution Centre in Rochdale as being a zero waste to landfill location.

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Prior to seeking our expertise, JD Sports Fashion Group appointed an external recycling management specialist at their Distribution Centre, with the aim of improving their waste segregation and recycling infrastructure. This resulted in the Group investing in site equipment, such as balers and compactors, to assist in the processing of waste materials and eventually resulted in the Group achieving zero waste to landfill.

To validate the results, JD Sports Fashion Group selected Valpak’s Zero Waste to Landfill team to carry out an independent audit and complete a comprehensive review of their waste and recycling activities, and data at their Kingsway Distribution Centre.

Carbon Footprints

Achieving Zero Waste to Landfill Certification has benefitted JD Sports Fashion Group in the following ways:

  • Their carbon emissions are reduced (both from landfill sites, and the actual waste collection process)
  • Their recycling levels of materials such as card, plastic and glass have increased to 72%
  • With the help of waste management experts like Valpak the Group continues to identify new opportunities to reuse and recycle waste within their use, creating true ‘circular economy’ benefits
  • Identifying new ways to engage with new and existing staff to not only continue but beat 2019’s recycling levels

The Group were pleased to appoint Valpak as external independent auditor to complete a comprehensive review of our waste and recycling activities at Kingsway DC. With Valpak’s support and advice, we not only managed to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill certification for 2020, but also identified areas where we can increase our reuse and recycling levels.

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