Plastic, Glass, Paper & Metal Recycling

From crunching the numbers to crunching your plastics in the back of a recycling lorry, we’re here to help drive you forward.


Let us help you improve your recycling performance

We’re a dedicated and experienced team with long-standing industry relationships. Coupled with our buying power, we guarantee your waste will be treated in the right way – at the right price. We’ll help you reduce the amount of waste you generate, analyse your waste performance and keep you up to date with the latest waste compliance legislation.

Our reliable and flexible, ISO and SSIP accredited UK-wide waste management and recycling service supports retailers, wholesalers, distribution centres, manufacturers and local authorities.

Disposable Coffee Cups

There is always a route to better

We’re always looking for ways to offer solutions to sometimes complex problems. For example, the challenge of takeaway cups being non-recyclable was a well-documented one until 2017, when Valpak and Costa Coffee set up the National Paper Cup Recycling Scheme.

We’ve since signed up almost all of the main coffee retailers, bringing them all together in the same room along with waste management companies and paper mills to work as one and share best practices to solve an industry-wide problem.

If you have a recycling or waste headache, we’ll help to find a remedy for you.

Coral Reef

Why choose Valpak?

  • Dedicated, highly-skilled team split into specialisms
  • We’ll save you time and, more often than not, money too
  • Account managed from start to finish
  • Our market-leading tech is accurate and easy-to-use
  • Full transparency and accessibility
  • We can engage with your suppliers for you
  • We operate the highest level of data security
  • Flexibility – pay only for what you need
  • A strong future focus for helping drive change and CSR
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Recycle More

We’re proud to own and host recycle-more. This is a recycling information website where consumers, businesses and organisations can find help and advice on all aspects of recycling at home, at school and in the workplace.

The recycle-more bank locator is a key feature of the site, helping householders to find local recycling facilities. Visit recycle-more  for further information.

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When it comes to waste and recycling, there are many companies that promise the Earth, but Valpak Recycling actually delivers on those promises. The work we have done with Valpak has made a significant difference to our business.

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