Extended Producer Responsibility across the globe

The global requirements of Extended Producer Responsibility are increasing. Is your business prepared?

Today, every country has its own unique, complex environmental legislation, and the global requirements of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) are increasing. This makes compliance for affected businesses challenging and often costly.


We harness our global market knowledge, extensive reach, and specialist services to simplify compliance worldwide. Whether you require comprehensive end-to-end support or assistance with individual elements, we’re ready to help!


What is Extended Producer Responsibility?

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation places significant accountability on product and packaging manufacturers, importers, and brand owners to reduce the environmental impacts of their products and packaging from cradle to grave. It also requires these businesses to financially contribute towards the costs associated with the collection, recovery, and disposal of the materials, as well as consumer awareness campaigns.

EPR regulations vary by country and can cover anything from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) to waste batteries, packaging waste, toys, DIY and gardening equipment, oil, and tyres. EPR aims to encourage producers to design and source products and packaging with sustainability and a circular economy in mind to minimise the impacts of their products throughout their entire life cycle.


Through Comply Loop, our integrated global compliance solution, we bring together our skills and expertise with our sister Reconomy brands, RLG and Noventiz, to help our customers ensure environmental compliance worldwide.

Reconomy operates in-country Compliance Schemes and Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs), which means we can help brands to assess and fulfil their EPR obligations, including registering them and carrying out reporting on their behalf.

Global View

Having a presence in over 80 countries means that our service, through a deep understanding of compliance markets across the globe, will help our customers meet their environmental compliance needs across national boundaries.

In the countries where we operate a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) or Compliance Scheme, we can provide comprehensive assistance with:

  • Registration – handling registration submissions on your behalf to PROs, schemes, and authorities
  • Collection  – installing collection points, managing order entry, routing, dispatching, and weighing
  • Logistics management – sourcing and managing logistics partners or network architecture
  • Data – reviewing your current methods, collecting, formatting, and submitting compliance data
  • Insights – analysing data to give you precise and unique insights on the packaging, product weights, and recyclability
  • Reporting – providing documentation, traceability of volumes, sourcing PRNs, billing, payments, and tailored reports

Across different territories, we also offer services such as WEEE insurance, brokerage, take-back, and recycling solutions, and can provide external waste officers.

View our global locations map for a visual representation of the territories where we have a presence and the areas of expertise associated with each location.

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