Who We Are – Offering Environmental Solutions

Carrying the green banner since 1997, when the Government introduced the Packaging Waste Regulations – we’re here to help businesses build towards a better future.

Born to fight the good fight

Since the Packaging Waste Regulations were introduced, we’ve provided simple and innovative environmental solutions to over 4,000 customers. We’ve also expanded with new offerings and alternative services to cover wider areas of sustainability including waste management and recycling, carbon management, energy management, international compliance and data management.

When Valpak became a Reconomy company in 2018, a green powerhouse was born. Our combined stature matches the size of our shared ambitions – to drive the circular economy on the global stage.

Reconomy is an international circular economy specialist that combines technology, skills, and incredible people to build sustainability ‘Loops’-
, Comply, and Re-use, which creates circular opportunities for business. Our vision is a waste-free world where resources are conserved, and economic growth is achieved through sustainable circular means.

Valpak contributes to achieving the mission of Reconomy’s complete global compliance offering – Comply Loop:

Solving increasingly complex environmental regulatory challenges using data, expert local knowledge, and thought leadership to drive business accountability across the globe.

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Driven by tomorrow

Driven by Tomorrow

Valpak aims to create a sustainable and waste free world. We help businesses to reduce waste and recycle more. Every action taken makes a difference towards creating a better planet.

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Purpose – why Valpak exists
To create a sustainable, waste free world.

Vision – the difference we’ll make
To create a better planet for future generations, by putting sustainability at the centre of every business.

Mission – our ambition
To inspire businesses to do all they can to reduce their environmental impact through the use of leading data science and expertise.

Driven by tomorrow

We’re always diversifying to become thought leaders in our industry and a true partner.

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