Introducing our new 'Zero Avoidable Waste to Landfill' tier

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the pressing need for sustainable practices, businesses are taking significant strides to demonstrate their environmental commitment through waste management. Bronwynn Harris, Valpak Waste & Resource Traceability Consultant discusses how one crucial aspect of this journey is the move towards eliminating waste sent to landfills.

Valpak already provides a Zero Waste to Landfill Certification service which independently verifies that a business’s procedures are 100% zero waste to landfill. However, we recognise that, despite best efforts, some waste streams may occasionally have no alternative disposal methods available.


What is the Zero Avoidable Waste to Landfill tier?

To acknowledge the unique challenges faced by businesses and recognise that small amounts of waste may have no other option but to go to landfill under specific circumstances due to law or local situations, we have evolved the Certification to include a new tier; Zero Avoidable Waste to Landfill.

Examples of these circumstances could include:

  • Lack of recycling infrastructure: If a company operates in an area with limited or no access to recycling facilities, they might have no option but to dispose of their waste in landfills.
  • Regulatory restrictions: Certain types of waste, such as hazardous waste or certain industrial by-products, might have stringent regulations surrounding their disposal, making landfill the only compliant option for some.

Under the new tier, our team of experts will examine waste management practices on-site according to the same methodology as the Zero Waste to Landfill Certification. If it is found that some waste streams have no alternative than to go to landfill the company will then be certified under the Zero Avoidable Waste to Landfill tier. This will be based on the percentage of waste that genuinely had no viable alternative to landfill disposal.

Promoting transparency

The Zero Avoidable Waste to Landfill tier sets a realistic benchmark for businesses, allowing them to make progress in their waste management journey without feeling discouraged by having no other option but to send waste to landfill under specific circumstances as well as avoiding any claims of greenwashing. This is a significant step towards encouraging responsible waste management while promoting transparency and authenticity in sustainability practices.

Join us in embracing the ‘Zero Avoidable Waste to Landfill‘ tier and be part of the positive change our planet deserves.