Discover how Valpak can assist in measuring cotton consumption with independent assessment!

Our Zero Waste to Landfill team just completed their first Better Cotton Initiative audit for JD Sports. They ensured the accuracy of JD Sports cotton consumption data. Learn more about our new Better Cotton Audit service in Bronwynn Harris's latest blog post.

In August last year, Valpak was approached by JD Sports Fashion Plc to find out if we would be able to assist them in completing a new independent assessment required of them by Better Cotton.

Over the months a one-off request grew into a whole new service and resulted in us completing the first Valpak Measuring Cotton Consumption: Independent Assessment in January 2024.

What is the Better Cotton Initiative?

Better Cotton’s mission is to help cotton communities while protecting and restoring the environment. They work collectively with multiple stakeholders, from farmers to retailers and brands, driving the cotton sector towards sustainability.

Valpak’s NEW service

Valpak’s service is aimed at Better Cotton’s retailer and brand members who, from January 2024 onwards, are required to commission an independent assessment of their cotton consumption measurement.

The assessment is conducted online and entails a review of their cotton calculation submission, electronic records, and documented protocols to ensure adherence to Better Cotton’s standards. Should any discrepancies be identified, we work with them to rectify them before issuing an Outcome Declaration and Conformity Assessment report.

This service further builds on our dedication to fostering transparency and reliability while advancing sustainability practices.

Please contact our team if you would like to find out more.