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Common EPR mistakes

James Griffin, Valpak Environmental Compliance Advisor, has written an informative blog post that provides valuable insights into common mistakes made while completing the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging data form. This resource proves highly beneficial for our members.

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EPR: What delay means for you

Defra has officially announced a delay in several significant components of the extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging reform program. Although this decision has been positively received by many, it presents additional complexity for individual producers who now face an intricate regulatory environment in the coming year. In light of this recent development, Henry Smith, Valpak's Policy Researcher outlines five essential aspects producers need to understand about the announcement and their current obligations.

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Producers’ obligations under Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging will bring new obligations for businesses that are legally required to comply with the current Packaging Waste Regulations and will cast the net further to obligate some producers that currently don't need to comply. In his latest blog, Henry Smith, Valpak Policy Researcher provides a summary of the various ways different businesses will be obligated.

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Plastic Ocean Pollution
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The UN Plastics Pollution Treaty

With delegates currently meeting in Uruguay to discuss the UN Plastics Pollution Treaty, Valpak Policy Researcher, Henry Smith outlines the aims of the Treaty, why industry collaboration is key, and the importance of involving the UK's waste and resources sector in its development.

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UK – a brave new world in a European context

Abbie Burford, Commercial Account Manager, looks at how various European countries meet EU packaging waste requirements and uses her knowledge to predict the shifts businesses may see (in terms of UK environmental compliance reporting and obligations), as a result of forthcoming Extended Producer Responsibility legislation and the Plastic Packaging Tax.

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