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UK – a brave new world in a European context

Abbie Burford, Commercial Account Manager, looks at how various European countries meet EU packaging waste requirements and uses her knowledge to predict the shifts businesses may see (in terms of UK environmental compliance reporting and obligations), as a result of forthcoming Extended Producer Responsibility legislation and the Plastic Packaging Tax.

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Implementation of eco-modulated fees in France, the Netherlands and Sweden

In several EU member states, modulated fees have been introduced as an incentive for producers to design packaging that is more readily recycled, to encourage the adoption of an ‘eco-design’ approach and to reduce excessive packaging. Christie Fawke's Blog outlines how France, the Netherlands and Sweden have implemented modulated fees.

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Valpak and Aylesbury Granulation Services sign PRN Agreement

As part of its commitment to support and develop the country’s network of smaller specialist recyclers the UK’s largest compliance scheme, Valpak, has announced an agreement with Aylesbury Granulation to support the plastics recycling company in attaining its accreditation to the PRN (Packaging Recovery Note) scheme.

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Supporting academic research: EPIC packaging and product data

Our EPIC data has supported numerous projects and we recently collaborated with The University of Exeter, where Valpak packaging data was used in a research project around the plastic circular economy in the South West. Olivia Candy's latest Blog talks about the data we hold and how it can be used by third parties.

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Packaging waste obligations in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand, although over 9,000 miles away, are prime markets for producers and distance sellers. Roxana Filetoth, Valpak’s International Compliance Lead, discusses the obligations different companies might face.

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Monitoring activity of producers by EA increase

The Environment Agency has increased monitoring by 95% of registered packaging producers in 2019 compared to 2018. They also investigate those that are potentially obligated by the regulations. Taran Rai, Senior Environmental Compliance Advisor talks about how companies check that they are obligated and what options they can take to start complying.

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