Textiles Horizon Scanning

Keeping your business in the loop with emerging global textiles EPR legislation

Staying up to date with existing and upcoming Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations for textiles is key for compliance and success in international markets.

We take environmental compliance seriously. As the UK’s leading provider in the field, we are continually keeping our finger on the pulse of upcoming environmental and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation from around the globe to ensure our customers are compliant.

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Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that our customers are always ahead of the game, and prepared for any changes that may impact them.

Our Textiles Horizon Scanning service provides exclusive access to our extensive knowledge and expertise. Stay informed of textiles EPR legislation via our quarterly updates on how the textiles compliance landscape is evolving in the areas that matter most to your business.


By subscribing to our Textiles Horizon Scanning service, you will receive a concise report presenting a comprehensive overview of textiles EPR worldwide. This report will include existing textile EPR regulations as well as pending legislation.

You will then receive a quarterly newsletter-style update to allow your business to prepare for any changes.

Our comprehensive support also includes access to our team of international EPR experts who are on hand to:

  • Keep you updated
  • Follow-up questions and arrange meetings when requested

We also offer support to companies that may not be obligated to comply with textile EPR regulations but are eager to actively reduce their environmental impact.

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In addition to our Textiles Horizon Scanning service, our committed sustainability consultants are ready to help with any textiles EPR enquiry, no matter how unique or specialised. We can create a customised solution to suit your business requirements.

We stay up to date on environmental legislation developments and textile requirements across the globe, such as Right-To-Repair, Digital Product Passport, and Ecodesign Directive for Sustainable Products, leaving no stone unturned to discover what is already in place and what is around the corner!

Please note that this service requires further research; therefore, it is separate from the standard Textiles Horizon Scanning offering and will incur additional fees.


Why Valpak

Our Textiles EPR team is made up of over 30 environmental compliance specialists, international account managers, and technical experts and our team’s knowledge and expertise on environmental regulations extends to all 195 countries.

We submit over 3400 international data declarations annually including, but not limited to, packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), waste batteries, textiles, and furniture.

Global compliance knowledge

Through Comply Loop, Reconomy’s integrated global compliance solution, we combine the skills and expertise of Valpak, RLG, and Noventiz. RLG operates in-country Producer Responsibility Organisations across the globe, which means our joined-up approach enables us to maintain an extensive database of international legislative and compliance requirements.

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