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Keeping GPA Global ahead of the Packaging Waste Regulations curve

Since 2007, GPA Global has built a reputation as a global packaging solutions provider – offering everything from design and development, manufacturing to logistical support, and specialising in a myriad of packaging substrates, across numerous industry sectors.

As a company who cares about its relationship with the planet, GPA were more than willing to work with us, to ensure it is compliant with UK Packaging Waste Regulations.

With our guidance we brought the regulations to light – helping GPA navigate the process. We worked with them at every turn, detailing each product that had a waste obligation. This was invaluable information, because unbeknownst to GPA, countless companies have historically been over or under obligated, which can have a knock-on effect on compliance costs and accuracy.

Through working with us, GPA found a partner they could rely on. A partner that could take on the responsibility of compliance with the Regulations as well as helping the business to complete its annual packaging waste submission.

Mixed Packaging Materials

Since GPA contacted us, seeking our specialist council, we firstly clarified which of its products potentially carry an obligation. From then we put forward a case to the Environment Agency, seeking clarification on which categories of products carry an obligation, creating a comprehensive overview of what needed to be done.

At this stage we employed our team of data insight specialists to compete GPA’s 2021 packaging data submission and accurately declare the relevant data. We carried out several processes to ensure the submission was as accurate as possible:

  • Analysed, requested, and checked GPA Global’s data to ensure all aspects were covered
  • Carried out multiple, thorough quality checks to ensure accuracy
  • Liaised directly with the UK Environment Agency to make submissions
  • Provided a methodology to highlight the process undertaken to complete the submission along with recommendations for future year submissions
Data Management

Since the start of our partnership, we’ve completed a packaging waste submission on behalf of GPA Global and ensured it is compliant for 2021. By outsourcing data collection, calculations, and submissions to us, GPA Global can move forward with complete confidence, knowing that its 2021 packaging data submission has been executed with efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. With compliance that reflects the packaging they’ve crafted.

Our continued support as part of a sustained working relationship means GPA have access to expert compliance support, while being perennially notified of crucial changes and reforms to waste legislation in the UK.

Moving forward, Valpak will:

Valpak has helped GPA navigate a complex process with expert proficiency.

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