Pour Moi

Helping Pour Moi Ltd to comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations.

Pour Moi Ltd is a British multinational fashion, lingerie, and swimwear retailer which was identified as a business that is obligated to comply with the UK Packaging Waste Regulations.

Pour Moi has two UK sites with various amounts of packaging being passed between them. This slightly complicates the packaging data submission process, as the process makes it difficult to distinguish which Pour Moi packaging carries a UK obligation.

Having sufficient knowledge of the UK Packaging Waste Regulations and what packaging is obligated can impact data submission accuracy and compliance. Therefore, Pour Moi were looking for a partner that could take on the responsibility of compliance with the Regulations as well as help the business to complete its annual packaging waste submission.


We provided Pour Moi with help and advice, and they quickly signed up to Valpak’s Data Insights service. The process was smooth, and Pour Moi were soon assigned a dedicated, expert account manager who would complete the packaging data submission on its behalf.

By drawing on Valpak’s knowledge of the Packaging Waste Regulations and expertise, Pour Moi quickly worked out what packaging it needed to declare – which packaging it was obligated for in the UK. If this exercise wasn’t completed correctly it would have had a considerable impact on the business’s obligation and compliance costs.

By taking this service, Pour Moi has ensured that accurate and thorough submissions are completed on its behalf. Valpak carry out the following tasks:

  • Analyse, request, and check Pour Moi’s data to ensure all aspects are covered
  • Provided advice on how to collect weights
  • Multiple, thorough quality checks to ensure accuracy
  • Liaise directly with the UK Environment Agency to make submissions
  • Methodology provision to highlight the process undertaken by Valpak to complete the submission along with recommendations for future year submissions
Data Management

Valpak has completed a packaging waste submission on behalf of Pour Moi and ensured it is compliant for 2021.

By outsourcing data collection, calculations and submissions to Valpak, Pour Moi can be confident that its 2021 packaging data submission was accurate that its compliance fees reflected the packaging it handled. Pour Moi also now have access to expert compliance support and will be notified of changes that reforms to waste legislation may bring.

Going forward, Valpak will:

We have worked with Valpak for our first year and have found its service knowledgeable, efficient and supportive. We trust our Account Manager to inform and advise accordingly and keep us updated with changes in legislation. It has taken the headache out of Waste Regulations; I don’t think we would have been able to carry out our submission without their industry and regulatory knowledge and support. I would highly recommend working with Valpak.

Pour Moi