Craft Gin Club

Helping Craft Gin Club Ltd to comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations.

Craft Gin Club is a direct-to-consumer business and the UK’s biggest gin subscription club. It allows members to discover exclusive and rare gins from around world which they deliver straight to their door.

Prior to 2021, Craft Gin Club were unaware of the Packaging Waste Regulations and did not realise that the business has an obligation to comply with this piece of legislation.

Once Craft Gin Club discovered it met the thresholds of the Regulations, it set about finding a compliance partner that would help the business to complete its annual packaging waste submission and correct previous years missed compliance. Craft Gin Club is a well-known UK brand that is committed to the environment and is keen to do the right thing and protect its reputation.

Mixed Packaging Materials

Compliance with the Packaging Waste Regulations can prove challenging for businesses, as it requires time, knowledge, and resources.

Craft Gin Club contacted Valpak for help and advice, and swiftly signed up to Valpak Data Management, a data collection and submission outsource service which includes a dedicated, expert account manager.

By taking this service, Craft Gin Club has ensured that accurate and thorough submissions are completed on its behalf. Valpak carry out the following tasks:

  • Analyse, request, and check Craft Gin Club data to ensure all aspects are covered
  • Assist with weights collection through Valpak weighing exercises
  • Multiple, thorough quality checks to ensure accuracy
  • Liaise directly with the UK Environment Agency to make submissions
  • Methodology provision to highlight the process undertaken by Valpak to complete the submission along with recommendations for future year submissions

To make up for missed years of compliance, Craft Gin Club is currently completing an Enforcement Undertaking. Valpak’s Civil Sanctions service ensures that the process is carried out correctly and makes sure that Craft Gin Club is not regarded by the Environment Agency as being previously non-compliant with the Packaging Waste Regulations.



Glass Bottles

Valpak has completed a packaging waste submission on behalf of Craft Gin Club and ensured it is compliant for 2021.

By outsourcing data collection, calculations and submissions to Valpak, Craft Clubs can be confident that its 2021 packaging data submission was accurate that its compliance fees reflected the packaging it handled.

Going forward, Valpak will:

  • proceed with the Enforcement Undertaking Process
  • calculate any future submissions
  • support any third-party audits
  • provide guidance and advice on the upcoming packaging regulation reforms

Valpak has been great to work with! They have really helped to educate us on the packaging waste compliance scheme and aims, and the retrospective Civil Sanctions process. They have offered friendly and professional support during the submission process (which can seem very daunting), with no question too small. We would highly recommend Valpak to other businesses.

Craft Gin Club