Bel UK

Helping Bel UK to meet its packaging waste and UK Plastic Packaging Tax obligations in the UK

Bel UK Ltd is the Kent-based subsidiary of the Bel Group, supplying internationally renowned, leading cheese brands such as Mini Babybel, The Laughing Cow, Boursin, and Port Salut. The business imports these products from the EU and sells them within the UK, meaning it must meet the requirements of the UK Packaging Waste Regulations.


Bel UK has been a Valpak customer since the Packaging Waste Regulations was implemented in 1997, and in 2016 signed up for Valpak’s Data Management services to outsource the onerous task of data collection and collation.

With the introduction of the UK Plastic Packaging Tax in April 2022, Bel UK was keen to mitigate costs and ensure compliance and was one of the first businesses to sign up for Valpak’s Plastic Packaging Tax service.



Valpak has been collecting data and carrying out packaging data submissions on Bel UK’s behalf for six years. Valpak first assigned Bel UK with a dedicated, expert account manager who now completes annual packaging data submissions on its behalf.

By taking Valpak’s service, Bel UK has ensured that accurate and thorough submissions are completed on time. Valpak carries out the following tasks:

  • Request, analyse, and check Bel UK’s packaging weights data to ensure all aspects are covered
  • Liaise directly with the Environment Agency to make submissions
  • Take on Bel UK’s supplier data requests, from businesses such as Sainsbury’s, SPAR, and Morrisons, as part of packaging service
  • Provide guidance on legislation requirements and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) updates via webinars and update mailings
  • Produce quarterly tax returns to ensure Bel UK meets the requirements of the UK Plastic Packaging Tax


Data Management

Bel UK has confidence that its UK packaging data and Plastic Packaging Tax submissions are calculated accurately, and that they are paying for the correct amount of waste put onto the UK market.

By outsourcing data collection and collation to Valpak, a huge amount of work has been taken off their hands, saving both time and resources, and reducing the risk of prosecution by environment agencies.


We have been working with Valpak for many years and they have always been key in assisting our company to stay packaging waste compliant. As guidance evolved on plastic tax, they helped to keep us informed with regulation updates, and now assist us with organising our data in readiness for plastic tax submissions, keeping the process straightforward. Thank you, Valpak.

Bel UK