Valpak help ASOS with their International and Data Compliance is a global online fashion and beauty retailer, Since it was founded in 2000, has grown exponentially, and through dedication and continued development has seen the number of active customers continually grow.


Container,Ship,Carrying,Container,Box,In,Import,Export,With,Quay is a company experiencing rapid growth and expansion and has therefore become obligated under an increasing volume of legislation, including the Packaging Waste, WEEE and Waste Batteries legislation both in the UK, the EU and worldwide. With operations in so many countries, faced a wide variety of compliance obligations and data requirements.

Global View

With each country implementing producer responsibility regulations differently, turned to Valpak’s International Compliance team, who were able to assist them with establishing their obligations across all markets through an Obligation Assessment. Once this research was completed, Valpak were able to register the company with compliance schemes where necessary and help offset their overseas obligations for waste compliance.

Once obligations were established across Europe, ASOS. com realised that outsourcing the data collection and submission to a third party would be the most cost effective solution. With many new product lines being introduced each week and an average monthly sales data growing year on year, would have to dedicate a large amount of in house resource to analysing a full year’s data.


Outsourcing the administrative burden of international compliance has allowed ASOS to have confidence in their compliance overseas as they expand and develop. Obligated to make almost 200 submissions across multiple territories every year, using Valpak International Data Solutions has been crucial to ensuring accurate and timely data submissions and compliance. The service from Valpak ensures that is fully compliant with the Packaging Waste, WEEE and Waste Batteries legislation in the UK and other European countries.

Regular communication with experienced and knowledgeable staff; time and resource savings; increased accuracy of submissions and the removal of administrative burdens.

Valpak is our first port of call for expert advice on waste compliance. They have provided invaluable support, allowing us to grow our business globally whilst being confident that our overseas compliance requirements are being met. We’ve really appreciated Valpak’s knowledge and commercial understanding and would recommend their services.