Nandos Grocery International Ltd.

A review of Nandos' use of packaging to forecast future costs associated with EPR for packaging and the Plastic Packaging Tax, and to ensure best in class for top selling products

Nandos Grocery International Ltd. is a Multinational Retail Brand that operates in over 30 countries, meaning the business has packaging waste obligations across the globe.


Sustainability is at the heart of Nandos business ethos, and their dedicated sustainability team ensures the business’s impact on the environment and the communities it serves is kept to a minimum.

In a bid to further reduce their environmental impact and mitigate costs under forthcoming extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation and the new Plastic Packaging Tax, Nandos Grocery International Ltd. wanted to analyse their packaging use and were keen to explore innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact. They approached Valpak for help and support to achieve their goal.

Sauce Bottles

Nandos Grocery International Ltd. commissioned Valpak to carry out a packaging alternative review of 14 selected top-selling grocery product lines, so they can strive for ‘best in class’ packaging going forward. The metrics used to compare the packaging were as follows:

Using their packaging and product database, Valpak compared Nandos existing packaging against comparable packaging on the market to find out if and where improvements could be made.

This exercise revealed the strengths and weaknesses of Nandos packaging. On the one hand their forecasted cost under EPR was high, due to Nandos selling products predominantly in glass bottles. On the other hand, the business’s costs under the Plastic Packaging Tax will be low and the recyclability high for the same reason.

Valpak provided a wide variety of alternatives, considering products outside the category, to provide an out-of-the-box perspective. Valpak identified opportunities and drawbacks of each alternative packaging type, provided a summary of the recyclability of Nandos current packaging, and outlined where improvements could be made.

Carbon Footprint

Once the benchmarking work had been carried out, Valpak produced a report which:

  • identified possible cost savings per product
  • identified key issues that affect Nandos packaging footprint
  • offered guidance on recyclability
  • provided some recommendations on how to reduce their packaging footprint
  • included a selection of innovative packaging types that offer benefits in terms of recyclability or efficiency

Valpak’s report provided Nandos with a set of the most cost-effective packaging options from a UK EPR perspective, outlining the suitability of each. This will help Nandos to assess if changes need to be made to reduce their costs and their environmental impact.

The level of detail in the Packaging Comparison report is world class! Valpak are industry leaders in this area and have all the data and connections to help us with our sustainability journey. We will always recommend Valpak’s services to other businesses looking to improve and manage their packaging footprint.

Nandos Grocery International Ltd.