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Helping your business to meet its packaging compliance requirements in Denmark

Valpak is recognised for its robust data solutions and cutting-edge tools, ensuring compliance with packaging waste legislation. We provide our customers with access to high-quality data and streamlined reporting processes, allowing your business to easily navigate Danish EPR which requires obligated producers to report on the quantities of packaging put onto the market.

This will enable you to:

  • Identify potential cost savings
  • Highlight opportunities for eco-packaging design and carbon footprint reduction
  • Reduce administrative burden while creating accurate data

On average, our customers experience at least a 30% increase in efficiency and cost savings.

Product Data

Managing compliance packaging data can pose significant challenges, particularly for businesses dealing with numerous product lines or operating in different countries with diverse packaging compliance requirements. The complexity of supply chains can further compound these challenges, making it crucial for companies to have robust packaging data management processes in place.

Valpak’s specialised Data Management services streamline the collection, formatting, and submission of packaging compliance data. Tailored to meet your needs, our services are designed to alleviate the burden associated with managing and reporting large volumes of data.

By leveraging Valpak’s expertise in data management, you can entrust the task of packaging compliance data handling to our dedicated professionals, allowing you to focus on your core operations and strategic objectives.


Data Insights

Valpak provides tailored and flexible services to meet the unique requirements of each business we work with, offering a range of services to cater to different needs.

Our customers can completely outsource data submission to Valpak’s experienced team. Alternatively, if assistance is only required to collect packaging or product weight information, we can support that as well.

Support options include:

  • A thorough review of current data collection methods to identify areas for improvement
  • Data collection and analysis services, specifically focusing on packaging and product weights
  • Data submission calculations and representation at audits
  • Expert management of data and submissions across all locations for businesses with multiple sites

By choosing Valpak’s Data Management services, our customers can rest assured that their environmental data management needs will be met with professionalism, accuracy, and a customised approach.


Data Reporting

Our Data Hub is an online tool that efficiently gathers packaging data from your suppliers. The hub is equipped with a comprehensive set of automated checks to guarantee the accuracy of all data collected for your dataset.

The Data Hub enables us to collect a wide range of metrics including:

  • Packaging weights
  • Material types
  • Recycled content percentage and evidence
  • Detailed data required for packaging EPR reporting
Global Data

The Insight Platform is a customisable, online reporting tool that provides full visibility of your packaging data at SKU and component level. This enables:

Compliance cost modelling

Offers sophisticated cost modelling features to address current and expected legislative reporting obligations. Using modelled compliance levies, the Platform provides accurate packaging cost forecasts at a detailed level.

Detailed packaging reports

Comprises modules that provide a comprehensive overview of packaging data, including information regarding material types, data sources, and component specifications.

CSR reporting

Automated reports can be sent monthly to all stakeholders to track progress against Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.





Packaging Analysis

If you are looking to assess and reduce the environmental impact of your business’s packaging, we can provide additional support:

Packaging analysis

Benchmark your business’s packaging against the competition and wider industry.

‘What If’ modelling

Apply a set of hypothetical modifications to your packaging data to identify how changes can impact costs and obligated tonnage.

Life cycle assessments

Understand the environmental impacts of your product packaging over the entire life cycle.

Packaging technology consultancy

We can help your business to make positive, cost-effective changes to packaging to improve environmental performance.



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Why choose Valpak

Valpak has helped numerous organisations with their data submissions, specialising in handling large data volumes across various product lines, diverse industries, and complex supply chains.

Our data support service utilises our advanced custom software and our weights database, containing over 50 million SKUs. This, combined with our expertise, enables us to work more efficiently and accurately.

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