Providing a fully outsourced international data service for Debenhams

Expanding the online retail offer allowed Debenhams to deliver its products to customers across the globe; however, the challenge of knowing what environmental compliance regulations to comply with and how is significant.


In order to ensure a clear picture of the compliance landscape overseas, Debenhams engaged with Valpak who proposed a risk- based monitoring project which allowed the company to assess any new obligations each quarter and ensure compliance in new markets if required.

Global View

Our dedicated account manager was on hand to assist Debenhams with any international compliance queries, in addition to registering the company in obligated countries.

We ensured that, on an annual basis, Debenhams data submissions both in the UK and overseas were made accurately, on time, and according to each country’s obligations.

We made it easier for Debenhams to comply by using our in house research team to monitor regulations, capture product weights, scope products and communicate data requirements across the globe.

Over the years our relationship with Valpak has grown significantly and we have every confidence that our data submission is in excellent hands. We therefore remain compliant with the regulations in the Republic of Ireland, Germany, France and Spain. Valpak has a dedicated team who are always happy to advise on any queries.