Reviewing Superdry’s environmental obligations relating to waste and packaging regulations in global markets and helping them to comply.

Superdry plc is a UK-branded clothing company, and owner of the Superdry label, which operates in over 60 countries. This means the business has packaging waste, WEEE, waste batteries, and textiles obligations across the globe.

Sustainability is at the heart of Superdry’s business ethos, with an ambition to become the most sustainable listed global fashion brand on the planet by 2030.

To ensure compliance and meet the legal, and environmental requirements of the countries in which they operate, Superdry was looking for support to stay ahead and be aware of their packaging obligations overseas. Having been members of the Valpak compliance scheme since 2017, they approached us for advice and help to comply.

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Global View

Superdry commissioned Valpak’s International Compliance team to annually assess their environmental obligations in the countries in which they operate, so they know where they need to register and are alerted to any new legislation on the horizon.

Valpak assisted Superdry by:

  • building an up-to-date weights database of all Superdry products (15,000 SKUs)
  • carrying out a packaging compliance cost forecast using Superdry’s data
  • assessing Superdry’s environmental obligations across the globe
  • registering all Superdry’s obligated entities with relevant agencies
  • checking and submitting Superdry’s data to ensure compliance across Europe
  • providing legislative overviews of upcoming changes to regulations, such as Plastic Tax Europe requirements and on-pack labelling requirements.

One of the biggest challenges when complying overseas is the variation of data requirements in each country; however, Valpak’s International Compliance team are experts in this field and have years of experience with varying, country-specific data forms and product scoping guidance.

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A dedicated Valpak account manager has been assigned to Superdry to assist with any international compliance queries and to register the company in nine countries where they have obligations.

Valpak ensures that Superdry’s data submissions, in those nine countries, are made accurately, on time, and according to each country’s obligations.

Valpak makes it easier for Superdry to comply as our in-house research team monitor regulations, capture product weights, scope products, and communicate data requirements across the globe.


Valpak’s knowledge of international waste and packaging-related environmental regulations, attention to detail and excellent account management have assisted us greatly when complying overseas. This gives us confidence in our waste and packaging-related legal compliance as we grow our operations and sales reach.