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Does your business own recycling sites? Update recycle-more’s Bank Locator to boost UK recycling

Valpak owns and hosts the UK's most comprehensive recycling facility locator, which can be updated by any organisation that owns recycling locations. Annika Collins discusses the importance of keeping this valuable consumer resource up-to-date and how making the existence of recycling sites more prominent will help to improve UK recycling rates.

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Global View
Blog, International
Producer responsibility evolves globally

Despite the strangest of times we now find ourselves in, waste legislation continues to evolve and change across the globe. Roxana Filetoth, Valpak’s International Compliance Lead, brings you some highlights of recent legislative updates.

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Blog, International
How Argentina is following Chile’s lead on EPR Regulations in Latin America

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) continues to be a hot topic amongst environmental authorities throughout Central and South America. Abbie Burford, Valpak’s International Account Manager, looks at the trail-blazing legislation in Chile that has paved the way for similar regulations to be adopted in neighbouring countries.

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Blog, International, Packaging
Packaging waste obligations in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand, although over 9,000 miles away, are prime markets for producers and distance sellers. Roxana Filetoth, Valpak’s International Compliance Lead, discusses the obligations different companies might face.

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Blog, WEEE
POPs in WEEE: Updated Guidance

The Environment Agency has updated their guidance to waste operators and exporters on how to classify and management some fractions of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). George Atkinson, Valpak’s Policy Advisor, outlines what is new.

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