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A day in a life at a paper mill – Valpak visits supplier DS Smith

At Valpak, we work with a number of reprocessors to meet our members’ packaging waste obligations and are very fortunate to enjoy some great relationships with suppliers across the country. Last month, a team from Valpak were kindly invited to DS Smith Paper’s Kelmsley Mill, in Kent, to witness first hand their recycling process that sees a staggering 820,000 tonnes of card and paper recycled each year at this site alone.

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Be a model producer – finding a way for fashion waste

The Environmental Audit Committee has put forward recommendations for the Government to introduce a Producer Responsibility system for new clothing. With this in mind, clothing retailers and brand owners should look to implement clothing return schemes sooner rather than later. Emily Hare, Waste and Resource Traceability Manager, provides some guidance and advice in her latest Blog.

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