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Data solutions for all your compliance needs.

Consultancy Services

Regardless of the size, location or complexity of your organisation we will make the data submission process as simple as possible... Learn more

Waste Manager Portal

Find out more about our new online subscription service which helps organisations to easily manage waste documents, ensure compliance positions and collate and analyse waste performance data... Learn more

Data Management Portals - Web-based Portal Services

Our Data Management Portals puts businesses in the driving seat by increasing transparency of upstream and downstream operations, building a clearer picture of business performance and liabilities, and helping them to make informed operational and contracting decisions... Learn more

Our data services

We are experts in managing large volumes of data across diverse business sectors and provide data services and portals to help businesses meet the requirements of various pieces of legislation such as the: Packaging Waste Regulations, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations, Waste Batteries Regulations, Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances (REACH), the Modern Slavery Act and waste and resource management. We can also help businesses that are looking to improve recycling performance and track waste costs.

Outsource your packaging, WEEE or batteries data submission to us

Regardless of the size, location or complexity of your business we will make the data submission process for packaging wasteWEEE and waste batteries as simple as possible.

Often businesses with multiple product lines, high product variation or complex supply chains seek help with data collection and submission. We will manage data submissions to ensure compliance and offer a flexible service, which can provide as much or as little data support as required.

One option is to fully outsource your business’s submission to us. This service includes reviewing your business’s existing data collection methods, collecting and analysing data, collecting packaging and product weights, and the management of multi-site data submissions. Visit our Data Management Consultancy page to find out more.

Data support beyond Producer Responsibility Legislation

Our extensive experience in gathering and analysing packaging data means that we can also help companies that are looking to collect and analyse ‘additional’ data to meet the legal requirements of areas such as REACH, the Modern Slavery Act and manage supplier performance on ethical and environmental issues. Visit our Data Management Portals page to find out more.

A total waste management solution for reporting and compliance

Our Waste Manager Portal allows businesses to keep up to date with waste legislation, track compliance positions and easily produce waste performance reports. Visit our Waste Manager Portal page for further information.