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Outsource your packaging, WEEE or batteries data submission to us

Valpak Data Insights exists to make access to high quality data for reporting easier and more efficient for our customers. We pair robust data with innovative tools so meaningful changes can be made with confidence.

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What is the Data Insights service?

Collecting, formatting and submitting compliance data can be complex and time consuming, especially when some businesses handle tens of thousands of product lines, have complex supply chains, or have compliance obligations in other countries.

Our tailored Data Insights services help ease the burden of managing data and the submission processes, and have been designed for businesses that require additional data management support.

Regardless of the size, location or complexity of an organisation we will make the data submission process as simple as possible, whilst ensuring data accuracy.

Service options

We understand that different businesses require varying levels of support, which is why we offer flexible, tailored services and can provide as much or as little data support as required.

One option is to completely outsource the submission to us, or if you just need help to collect packaging or product weights information, we can help.

Support options include:

  • review of existing data collection methods
  • data collection and analysis, including packaging and product weights
  • data submission calculation and representation at Environment Agency audits
  • management of multi-site data and submissions
  • training days at customer premises
  • tailored environmental reporting e.g. packaging minimisation, best in class, benchmarking, CSR, Plastic Packaging Tax, Courtauld Commitment, Plastic Pact
Valpak Packaging Data Analyst 

Helping businesses to comply internationally

We not only offer this service to those affected by UK Producer Responsibility Regulations, but can also provide an International Data Insights service, where our team of experts can collate and submit compliance data to meet obligations overseas.

We currently provide Data Insights services in over 30 countries, for packaging, WEEE and batteries, and our services also cover Extended Producer Responsibility, such as textiles and furniture compliance in France.

Visit our International Compliance page for further information.

Why Valpak?

We have assisted hundreds of organisations with their data submissions, and are experts in managing large volumes of data - from multiple product lines, to high product variation or complex supply chains across diverse business sectors.

Our data support service is underpinned by our dynamic custom built software and weights database (EPIC), the largest in the UK, holding over 33 million SKUs with unique packaging metrics. This database, alongside our technical expertise, allows us to operate more effectively and with greater accuracy. On average our customers report efficiency and cost savings of at least 30%. For further information, download a copy of our e-guide “Helping Your Business to Reduce Costs and Enhance Performance”.

The Data Insights services we deliver also provide businesses with an improved understanding of the packaging they handle, allowing them to reduce packaging weight or improve packaging design, as well as supporting broader CSR objectives.

Data Insights: Helping your business reduce costs and enhance performance

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To find out more about our Data Insights services, contact us today on 03450 682 572, download our e-guide for further information on how we can help, or complete our online enquiry form.

"Using Valpak to outsource our packaging, WEEE and batteries submissions for the UK and Republic of Ireland is a cost effective relief for our business. The appointment of a dedicated account manager provides us with a reliable contact for any queries and is available to aid us with Environment Agency audits."

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