Battery recycling sparks new Valpak charity partnership

by Ellie Williams | Jul 07, 2020
Valpak has announced it is donating £5 to the mental health charity, Springfield Mind, for every battery recycling box ordered this month (July). Valpak’s battery service offers free collection to increase battery recycling in the UK and they are hoping to issue upwards of a thousand new boxes during the campaign.

Springfield Mind is a local mental health charity that has been supporting individuals with their mental health and wellbeing for 35 years in Warwickshire and Worcestershire. The money raised will be used to support the charity’s MoodMasters programme. MoodMasters is a 12-week workshop for anyone living with low mental wellbeing or mental ill health who would like a greater insight and strategies to help them manage their mental health more effectively. Currently, the programme is delivered to anyone aged 16+; however, it is hoped with the help of Valpak’s fundraising this could be developed for children and younger people.

“Springfield Mind is extremely excited to have been chosen as Valpak's charity for the “Power To Do More Together” campaign,” said Springfield Mind Deputy SEO, Jo Min. “We look forward to working with them to not only raise funds for our fantastic MoodMasters programme, but also raise awareness around mental health and managing those difficult times. The support from Valpak couldn't have come at a better time. New challenges and changes affecting everyone at this time means that our ability to deliver more MoodMasters sessions is going to be invaluable in supporting our communities to stay mentally well - thank you!

Valpak’s CEO, Steve Gough, said: “Valpak has a long history of supporting organisations which like Springfield Mind are committed to helping people with their mental health and wellbeing. It’s nice on this occasion to also be partnering a local charity and at a time when the challenges presented by mental health issues have for many become even more acute. We’ve noticed a decrease in battery collections over lockdown and are keen to reinvigorate this. We'd like to think this partnership is a real win-win. The more batteries we recycle the better it is for the environment and the more money we raise for this fantastic organisation.

Valpak’s battery collection service is completely free to all businesses and organisations within the UK. Valpak organise for battery boxes to be delivered to the site for the collection of household portable batteries (e.g. AA, AAA). Once the box is filled, customers contact Valpak who will arrange the collection of the waste batteries. Valpak’s network of reprocessing partners then recovers and recycles these valuable secondary resources in a fully compliant manner and makes them available for the manufacturing of new products.