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Pre-Christmas packaging data collection and calculation must-do list

Josela Renardson
Dec 07, 2016

With Christmas and New Year celebrations looming, Valpak’s 28 February 2017 packaging data submission deadline is probably the last thing on your mind. Experienced data submitters will be aware that this date can easily creep up and you may suddenly find that you have a lot to do.

Three things you should do to prepare for data calculation

Before the year-end, here are three things that you should do to prepare for data calculation:

    1. Understand what data you need to calculate by making yourself fully aware of your company’s structure and packaging activities
    2. Send your request for data to system owners as soon as possible. Let them know the following:
      • The data you need – For example, specify whether it is sales, purchases, customer, supplier or product related. Remember you need data for the entire 2016 calendar year
      • The specific data fields that you require from each set of data
      • When you need the data by
      • Context! Let them know why you need it to put some weight behind your request. Provide them with an overview, or suggest that they read this section, Should your business worry about non-compliance?, of our November Blog
    3. Start sourcing packaging weights (although we would always recommend that you do this sooner). If you need help, our team can collect packaging weights for you

If you’re not quite sure exactly what information you need to source, I highly recommend that you attend one of our packaging events to find out more. Alternatively, speak to our Data Management Team for help on how to get started.

We will be posting more data submission tips over the next few months, so follow @valpak_ltd on Twitter or Valpak Limited on LinkedIn for updates.


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