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Zero waste to landfill certification: Frequently asked questions

Holly Smithson
Nov 05, 2020
If your business is looking to achieve zero waste to landfill certification and you're not sure where to start you may wish to read Holly Smithson's latest Blog, which provides answers to some frequently asked questions.

When zero makes you a hero: How Waddington Europe achieved Zero Waste to Landfill Certification

Holly Smithson
Oct 01, 2020
Holly Smithson, Logistics Team Leader, describes how we helped Waddington Europe to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill Certification.

The US Plastics Pact and the drive towards a circular economy

Emma Trevor
Sep 30, 2020
With interest growing in the implementation of Circular Economy programmes, Emma Trevor, Valpak’s International Account Manager, discusses how the US Plastics Pact aims to prevent plastics continuing to be a problematic waste.

Producer responsibility news from around the world

Abbie Burford
Sep 30, 2020
As the world begins to return to a “new normal”, the evolution of producer responsibility continues. Abbie Burford, Valpak’s International Account Manager, takes us through some of the headline news within international compliance from the last three months.

UK cup recycling: Myth vs. fact

Samantha Ward
Sep 24, 2020
Samantha Ward, National Cup Recycling Manager, dispels 5 common myths about the recyclability of paper cups.


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