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Monitoring activity of producers by EA increase

Sonia Moir
Jun 08, 2020
The Environment Agency has increased monitoring by 95% of registered packaging producers in 2019 compared to 2018. They also investigate those that are potentially obligated by the regulations. Sonia Moir, Senior Environmental Compliance Advisor talks about how companies check that they are obligated and what options they can take to start complying.

The Uniqueness of our EPIC Database

Helen Hodgson
Jun 05, 2020
Valpak's Environmental Product Information Centre (EPIC) database is the largest packaging database in the UK. Helen Hodgson highlights what information it holds and how it can be analysed to make a change to packaging in the industry.

Plastic Packaging Tax: Consultation Extension and Overview of Proposal

George Atkinson
May 13, 2020
George Atkinson, Valpak Policy Advisor, discusses the extension of the response period for the consultation of the new plastic tax.


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