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EPR regulations are evolving in New York State and California

Charlotte Wootton
Sep 03, 2020
Charlotte Wootton, Valpak’s International Account Manager, looks at how New York and California have started to implement EPR Regulations and are leading the way for other states to follow.

How to spot and avoid mistakes when submitting your packaging data

Kate Loosmore
Sep 03, 2020
Kate Loosmore provides some great tips on how to complete the Packaging Data Submission Form and discusses how to avoid making common mistakes.

Does your business own recycling sites? Update recycle-more’s Bank Locator to boost UK recycling

Duncan Simpson
Sep 01, 2020
Valpak own and host the UK's most comprehensive recycling facility locator, which can be updated by any organisation that owns recycling locations. Duncan Simpson discusses the importance of keeping this valuable consumer resource up-to-date and how making the existence of recycling sites more prominent will help to improve UK recycling rates.

Single Use Plastic Bans: Welsh Proposals come to the fore

George Atkinson
Aug 18, 2020
The Welsh Government has tabled their initial proposals to ban 9 single-use plastic items to protect their coastal environments and reduce littering. George Atkinson, Valpak’s Policy Advisor outlines what you need to know and the progress of similar bans across the UK

Supporting academic research: EPIC packaging and product data

Oliver Wolfe
Aug 06, 2020
Our EPIC data has supported numerous projects and we recently collaborated with The University of Exeter, where Valpak packaging data was used in a research project around the plastic circular economy in the South West. Oliver Wolfe's latest Blog talks about the data we hold and how it can be used by third parties.


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