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Extended Producer Responsibility for the Construction Sector – what you need to know

Matt Nichols
Jul 05, 2021
Matt Nichols, Divisional Director at Reconomy, discusses what Extended Producer Responsibility means for the construction and demolition industry.

Amendments to the German Packaging Act

Emma Trevor
Jun 24, 2021
2021 is set to be a significant year for packaging compliance across Europe with the implementation of both the Single-Use Plastics Directive and the EU Plastics Levy as well as several amendments to Packaging Waste Regulations across multiple member states. With less than a month to go until the first amendments to Germany’s Verpack G enter in force, Emma Trevor, Valpak’s International Account Manager, takes a look at what changes producers can expect.

In Turing we Trust

James Beard
Jun 23, 2021
We have joined forces with the Turing Trust - a charity which provides IT equipment, training and maintenance knowledge to those who need it most. Read James's latest Blog to find out more about our partnership.

What might Extended Producer Responsibility mean for paper cup producers?

Samantha Ward
Jun 16, 2021
Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging is on the horizon, but what does this mean for businesses that sell drinks in paper cups? National Cup Recycling Manager, Samantha Ward, outlines the Government's proposals and how your business may be affected.

Kyrgyzstan: A journey towards sustainable waste management

Emma Trevor
Jun 10, 2021
Waste legislation has been established and in place within Europe for over 20 years, but we are now starting to see countries further afield implementing their own extended producer responsibility legislation and programs. Valpak’s International Account Manager, Emma Trevor, looks at the beginnings of requirements in Kyrgyzstan.


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