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Desert island risks: Henderson Island

James Beard
Apr 03, 2019
In June 2019, James Beard, Valpak’s Recycling Services Manager, will travel to Henderson Island as part of a 12 person team tasked with monitoring plastic accumulation. He will also help with the beach clean. Read his latest Blog for further details.

Norwegian-style Deposit Return Scheme - Does the UK have the bottle?

Kathy Illingworth
Mar 14, 2019
Kathy Illingworth, Valpak Principal Consultant, recently visited Norway to find out more about how their Deposit Return Scheme works and to see reverse vending in action. Read her Blog to find out what she discovered and how the UK could learn from Norway's model.

Museum of Brands visit: Harnessing packaging knowledge and design expertise

Andy Cooper
Mar 13, 2019
We sent a group of staff to the Museum of Brands to investigate the potential to implement some of the museum’s packaging design knowledge into our Data Insight Platform. Andy Cooper, Data Portal Coordinator, provides a low down of the visit in his latest Blog.

Undressing the problem: Wastage in the fashion industry

Emily Hare
Feb 26, 2019
Emily Hare talks about the different types of waste associated with the fashion industry and outlines some of the things retailers are doing to make their products and practises more sustainable.

What is sustainable fashion?

Liz Minshall
Feb 19, 2019
Liz Minshall discusses the concept of sustainable fashion and outlines some of the steps fashion brands are taking to create a more sustainable industry.


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