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Packaging waste obligations in Australia and New Zealand

Roxanna Filetoth
Jul 28, 2020
Australia and New Zealand, although over 9,000 miles away, are prime markets for producers and distance sellers. Roxana Filetoth, Valpak’s International Compliance Lead, discusses the obligations different companies might face.

Effective data management for international compliance: Hints and tips

Daniel Brookson
Jul 23, 2020
Daniel Brookson offers some great tips and hints on how to gather data for both UK and international compliance data submissions.

WEEE Regulations: Which businesses need to comply?

Ben Storer
Jul 23, 2020
It's not always clear which businesses are classed as obligated producers of electrical and electronic equipment under the WEEE Regulations. Ben Storer's latest Blog provides guidance and advice on how to work out if your business is affected.

Looking to offer your staff or customers a battery recycling service? Join Valpak’s free collection network

Jon Clement
Jul 13, 2020
UK businesses can offer their staff and customers waste battery recycling facilities by joining Valpak's free, UK-wide Battery Collection Network. Jon Clement's latest Blog explains the benefits of compliant battery collections to businesses, consumers and the environment.

Phase 5 of the DTS: still not registered?

Stephanie Simpson
Jun 18, 2020
Steph Simpson, discusses what the DTS means for retailers and the deadline for joining Phase 5 of the scheme.


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